Can I receive a discount on the membership fee?

Yes, we have a referral program & a shipment reimbursement incentive for our members.

  • Referral Program: For every recommended agent who becomes a member, the referring agent earns a $50 discount on their annual membership fee for up to $150.
  • Shipment Incentive Program: Receive $25 incentive per shipment among members for up to $100, annually (this incentive is currently on hold).
  • Writers Discount: write articles for our newsletter & blog to receive $25 incentive per approved article for up to $150 discount on your annual membership.
  • Videos: YouTube interview &/or Testimonial promoted on our Social Media for $25 discount on your membership fees.
  • Multiple Offices: Register multiple office/locations of your company for discounted rates.

Total allowable discounts in a year is up to $250 on your annual membership.

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